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All Guilds Meeting - February 2012

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Another successful event in Kirel!

Today we held another All Guilds Meeting in Kirel while the rest of the Cavern was having the Second Anniversary Celebrations, with Ghaelen streaming some wonderful, relaxing tunes.

Once again, we passed 50 people in Kirel, but luckily, we were been able to convince Chogon to raise the Population Limit to 200 awhile back, so there was no problem and everyone could attend.

The day was still filled with news. You can download the chat logs here: raw and cleansed


Annabelle: Annabelle is putting more time between releases of her Marker Quests because they are becoming harder and harder. She is currently working on the 5th release called "The D'ni Cavern", which will feature Quests in neighborhoods, Kirel, K'veer, the 6 Pubs, and the Great Zero. It should be ready in 2 weeks, and then 6th and 7th releases should follow quite soon.

H'Uru: The group of developers from the Guild of Writers has released a new Shard! It is called Gehn and it is a Shard based on their fork of CWE (for the Client) and DirtSand (for the server), this means that you don't need the Offline version of Uru (Uru:Complete Chronicles), you just need the content from MOULa. The Shard will feature all the new features/bug fixes/improvements the team will develop over time so people can experience them without waiting for or MOULa to pick them up. The Shard currently contains just one Fan Age, Vothol Gallery, made by Rustee, winner of the D'ni Location Contest. As it happened for their TPOTS/Alcugs Shard (Deep Island), if you have an account on the GoW Forum, you already have an account on Gehn Shard and you only need to download the Client. For downloading it and to get more information, visit the Gehn Shard Forum Section. The client is available for Windows only, but they are getting quite close to having a native Linux client (and eventually for Mac). OpenUru reported about their recent actions. They have completed a package of changes for Cyan to update MOULa, mainly bug fixes. The Minkata Shard is going very well, with 220 testers that have registered so far and a good collection of bugs/features/improvement tickets. They have scheduled a stress test for MInkata on February 18th, where everyone is invited to participate to try to deliberately crash the server, dance to Lord Chaos' music and maybe try a Marker Quest made by Annabelle. Rarified is also going to work on getting the OpenUru Tool to automatically build Clients from the H'Uru Code repositories.  This will help the H'Uru guys with their work and it will also help rarified for when he'll need to port the H'Uru changes to the OU repositories. The OpenUru team will also be publishing a document with descriptions of the jobs that are needed in OU, most likely in response to the Call for Action by Paradox. Mac_fife also mentioned that  there have been a lot of discussions recently about a proposal to Cyan for getting a Licence to distribute/work on MOULa Contents (the Ages, etc) and they have almost reached an agreement on what to send to Cyan.

Guild of Messengers: The Guild of Messengers has been quite active recently. The first Issue of the Cavern Post magazine has been a big success and we are going fast in the development pipeline for producing the second issue, which should be out soon after the Second Anniversary Week. We have been very active in the Cavern too, with Nev'yn writing and distributing KiMails about all the Important events and news.

Like last month, the CAVCON level was brought up, as it is still at Level 3.  Explorers were once again encouraged to donate to keep the servers up and running.

See you all next month!

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